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Who they are?

A blog design for Tea Bagger Outfitters

Web blog for a fashion blogger in mozambique

A journal publication website for West African Journal of Applied Ecology

Who are they?

This research journal has been established by the Ecological Laboratory Unit of the University of Ghana, Accra to publish original papers, invited articles and book reviews in English on general ecology. Papers are peer reviewed by consulting editors. The journal is targeted at scientists, policy makers and the general public

Website for marketing natural agriculture products

What they do?

A classified website for buying and selling

Website design for a medical diagnostic company Limited

Who are they?

Phyllyps Medical Diagnostics Company Limited is a fast growing company registered under the laws of Ghana in the year 2008. It was created to address the dire need for hospitals, clinics and laboratories to get good High-quality and affordable Solution to Heart Disease and Diabetic management as well as Reagents and other Laboratory products.

Website for an exhibition market.

What they do.

The organizing Committee of Low Christmas Market cordially welcomes you to the first ever Christmas market due to take place in Accra-Ghana from 14th Dec – 23rd Dec 2013 through the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI).The event will with no doubt, render participants therefore the opportunity to maximize the potential benefits and attain their objectives as well

Website design for a top event company in Ghana

Who are they?

All time quality service (ATQS) has a rich source of creative and talented event managers with proven ability to reach goals. Our solid experience, fierce attention, details and deep understanding of the big picture has provided the opportunity to have wide range of skills, strategies and sensibilities that adds unique value to everything we do.

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